Reveal Related Quotes

Most portraits are lies. People are rarely what they appear to be, especially in front of a camera. You might know me your entire lifetime and never reveal yourself to me. To interpret wrinkles as character is insult not insight.

Duane Michals

All you need within you is waiting to unfold and reveal itself.

Eileen Caddy

“I cannot reveal the details of the other two hotels in Sarawak at the moment.”

Dennis Tan

The function of sociology, as of every science, is to reveal that which is hidden.

Pierre Bourdieu

Mere thinking cannot reveal to us the highest purpose.

Albert Einstein

Photographs can reveal something to us, and they can also conceal things.

Errol Morris

The $52.6 billion U.S. intelligence arsenal is aimed mainly at unambiguous adversaries, including al-Qaida, North Korea and Iran. But top-secret budget documents reveal an equally intense focus on one purported ally: Pakistan.

Barton Gellman

I think of my work as a kind of peeling back of the wallpaper of today to reveal the histories buried underneath.

Shimon Attie

Seek the good in everyone, and reveal it, bring it forth.

Nachman Of Breslov

The influence exercised over the human mind by apt analogies is and has always been immense. Whether they translate an established truth into simple language or whether they adventurously aspire to reveal the unknown, they are among the most formidable weapons of the rhetorician.

Winston Churchill