Rewarding Related Quotes

“I don't think any other mission could be this rewarding for us. We have large American flags painted on both sides of all of our Chinooks. When we land in these villages the people point to the flags and let us know how grateful they are that we have come to help.”

Commander Majwalter Bradley

“Good habits are as addictive as bad habits, and a lot more rewarding”

Harvey Mackay

“Those are outstanding numbers and show what kind of season he had for us. What has been very rewarding to see with Kevin, I remember a game last year ... where he hit a last-second shot to win the game for us. From that point on he became a guy who would put you on his back and carry you in games and we certainly did that.”

Dan Pfaff

“It's always very rewarding to be recognized by our peers in the industry.”

Neal White

“This is the most rewarding season I've ever had.”

Craig Biggio

“It's very rewarding to get confirmation you are still able to compete with the young guys. I used to be a good sprinter in my young days, and every once in a while I pull one out of my hat.”

Lars Michaelsen

“Now that the Fed's tightening is expected to carry well into first quarter, currency markets could prove rewarding to the dollar ahead of the December meeting, ... We still stand by our call expecting the dollar to reach a short-term bottom at $1.36 by year-end.”

Ashraf Laidi

“In helping others, it helped me as much as it helped them. It's rewarding. Not only does it keep Jimmy's memory alive, all the people that go through this keep the memories of their loved ones alive, too.”

Kathy Garcia

?We do have harder challenges here, but it is very rewarding when you see them open the door and walk in there.?

Barbara Cacchione

“I think if I had to point to one thing this week that was the most rewarding and heartwarming, it was meeting Jacques and coming to appreciate the struggles that he and his family have been through,”

Hale Irwin