Rewarding Related Quotes

“I think if I had to point to one thing this week that was the most rewarding and heartwarming, it was meeting Jacques and coming to appreciate the struggles that he and his family have been through,”

Hale Irwin

“It's what we were told to do (by Jesus). It's very rewarding.”

Nancy Williams

“Those are outstanding numbers and show what kind of season he had for us. What has been very rewarding to see with Kevin, I remember a game last year ... where he hit a last-second shot to win the game for us. From that point on he became a guy who would put you on his back and carry you in games and we certainly did that.”

Dan Pfaff

“Career counselors on campus don't necessarily give graduates the tools they need to build rewarding careers. Some predict that we will have the most unskilled, unprepared workforce in professional history. If the individuals entering into our workforce do not feel personally empowered and equipped for success, both they and the organizations they support will suffer.”

Wendy Adams

“Many of our nation's great leaders began their careers at a service academy. I encourage anyone interested in a rewarding college experience or military career to apply as soon as possible.”

Chris Cannon

“Countries and places that invest in innovation will be home to the most rewarding jobs, the strongest economies and the best quality of life. I'm thrilled we are enriching our relationship with Catalonia. Together, we can build on our shared strengths and develop innovative ideas that will improve our quality of life.”

Dalton Mcguinty

“Visiting the tour center has been especially rewarding for me and my staff. The visit provided practical information on how to better address the diverse needs of our client families. There has been a growing desire on the part of families to add personal touches to funerals. This exhibit has helped me understand how to do this to create more meaningful funerals.”

David Pearson

“If you had to choose between EASY and IMPOSSIBLE ...choose I-M-POSSIBLE. It's more exciting, fun, and rewarding.”

Lorrin L. Lee


Margaret Mead

“I just want to have fun. It's just rewarding to get to this point.”

Dallas Smith