Robert Related Quotes

“Val Kilmer does a great job in his films. Harrison Ford and Arnold Schwarzenegger are great. Robert Redford and Paul Newman are amazing.”

Casper Van Dien

“It is a unique industry, it is all about passion. Whoever it is needs to be consultative. Robert won a tremendous amount of respect for bringing the shareholders together.”

Dale Monteith

“I've got high hopes for Denver. Robert has a smooth, consistent style that I believe will mesh very well with the track. Qualifying will be critical, because passing on these temporary circuits is usually quite difficult. Electrical problems bit us during qualifying at Birmingham. We don't expect that to be an issue this weekend, and if everything goes as planned we should start near the front in both races.”

David Hunt

“[The City Council updated its taxicab regulations in December, said Alderman Robert Reynolds, who proposed the update.] We needed to clean up the cab ordinance and make it so it would take care of the city’s senior citizens and [other] citizens, ... The cars looked awful. It was shabby and piecemeal.”

Robert Reynolds

“We are here to say, 'Thank you, France, Thank you, Germany, Thank you, China' and 'Thank you, Sen. [Robert] Byrd,'”

David Harris

“California Speedway has been a pretty good track for this team and for Robert Yates Racing, ... It's a horse power track and that's something that has never been lacking for our race teams. California is one of the tracks where we ran decent this year. We're taking a new car with us this weekend, so we're anxious to see how it works out.”

Dale Jarrett

“I've got good chemistry with both of them, Hanley and Robert. They are good guys. When you understand someone outside the field, that makes it easier to understand them on the field. I know how Andino plays. I know how Hanley plays, and how Amezaga plays. We all know what we like to do, so I think the chemistry is pretty good.”

Dan Uggla

“I met with [Robert Furniss, director of Parking and Transportation] last week...and it's a very complicated issue. From the parking department's perspective there aren't the resources available [to keep the service going off-campus].”

David Andersen

“What is the point of questions?”

Robert Adams

“Robert pitched a great game. And Russell came on to finish the job. No lead is really safe with North Port because they can turn the game around pretty quick.”

Woody Smith