Rocks Related Quotes

“I felt him scrambling. I fell backwards, and when I hit the rocks I felt my back break, like a pop, and my legs went numb.”

Nancy Camero

“There are essentially no craters visible at all. Instead, there are rocks and boulders covering much of the body. And then there are the remarkable flat areas,”

Clark Chapman

“We don't have any evidence that this guy was throwing rocks at the border patrol. It was very close.”

Alberto Lozano

“You'd also want to use lunar rocks as building supplies - it is so costly to lift even an extra kilo of steel into space, running to many hundreds of thousands of dollars,”

Colin Pillinger

“Bunch of rocks, couple hills in the background. Now we're landing near a pole. I mean, I don't know what we're going to see.”

Edward Weiler

“The debris that we found was mainly trees, vegetation, some small rocks and mostly mud. So we just want to take care of that with all this rainy weather we've gotten lately.”

Scott Ishikawa

“The rocks of the original soil, he wrote, are arranged in perpendicular layers or inclined towards the horizon. They are composed of quartz, granite, shale, slate and talcose.”

Antoine Lavoisier

“I am a rock. Rocks do not break.”

Mitta Xinindlu

“He's been doing this forever, over and over. He's one of the rocks on the team.”

Andy Lally

“They are throwing stones and rocks and have broken into a building and started looting.”

Walter Nalangu