Roller Related Quotes

“It was an emotional roller coaster.”

Cameron Bennerman

The first lights of the evening were springing into pale existence. The Ferris wheel, pricked out now in lights, revolved leisurely through the dusk; a few empty cars of the roller coaster rattled overhead.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

“It is kind of unique. It's been a weird story this season, it's been a bit of a roller coaster. But it is a possibility, it's part of the profession and it happens all the time.”

Cory Cross

She had never been a proficient flirt. Her spasms of kittenish behaviour were graceless and inept, like normal conversation on roller skates. but the combination of the retsina and sun made Emma feel sentimental and light-headed. She reached for her roller skates.

David Nicholls

Life can be like a roller coaster with its ups and downs. What matters is whether you are keeping your eyes open or closed during the ride and who is next to you.

Ana Ortega

Life is like a roller-coaster with thrills, chills, and a sigh of relief.

Susan Bennett

I was never a pipe or bong man. That's California stuff. I was an Eastern roller.

George Carlin

I started skating at age 2 on roller skates on the South Side of Chicago, where I grew up. By age 4, roller-skating was something I really enjoyed. Everyone around me wanted to do the 'roll bounce' thing, but I was pretty much only interested in going fast.

Shani Davis

Life's a roller coaster, but I feel a change.

Donny Most

“With what I've been through since training camp, this has been a roller-coaster for me. Mentally, and physically. It's taken its toll on me. I've been through so many ups and downs this season, it's changed my whole perspective on things. I see it as something positive. Somebody else might see it as a negative, but I see it as a chance to get my knees better.”

Na'il Diggs