Round Related Quotes

“My 15 are gone, and they went quick. This might be the last go-round for me, so I wanted to get everybody to the game who wanted to go.”

Mike Bartrum

“'Tis love that makes the world go round, my baby”

Charles Dickens

“his latest round of false attacks.”

Steve Schmidt

“During the seventh round (of the draft), I spoke to my agent and he told me a few teams were interested. The Giants were the only ones that came at me hard and I felt comfortable going with them. They told me I'd be a tight end or an offensive tackle. It doesn't matter to me (which position I play) as long as I get on the field.”

Jai Lewis

“I am very happy to be in the third round. This is my best result here.”

Rafael Nadal

“Ersan is a young, skilled player who we felt fortunate to select in the second round of the draft. He has all the tools to be a productive NBA player, and he has been working hard this summer to get stronger physically.”

Larry Harris

“You can get some very good prices here, if you missed them on the last go-round.”

Mary Farrell

?We feel very, very fortunate to move on to the next round.?

Ben Howland

“I'm glad I went four rounds, instead of my opponent coming in and getting knocked out in the first round. He's tough. I hit him with a lot of hard shots, and he did not go down. A couple times I thought, 'Man, what else do I have to hit him with?”

Kendall Gill

“I don't know what Jack was thinking, but we were just looking to potter round the course and make some cash. It never struck me he might have a chance, but there were fans on the 1st tee shouting at him to 'make it six [Nicklaus had won five Masters at this point] in '86'.”

Dave Musgrove