Runners Related Quotes

“The women's team has a solid pack through six runners, and we won't plan to rely on just one person to compete well. It will be a true team effort.”

Vin Lananna

“I think it does. I won't be remembering how I got out earlier in the game with runners in scoring position. I will remember the final hit.”

Meagan Paradine

People think I'm crazy to put myself through such torture, though I would argue otherwise. Somewhere along the line we seem to have confused comfort with happiness. Dostoyevsky had it right: 'Suffering is the sole origin of consciousness.' Never are my senses more engaged than when the pain sets in. There is a magic in misery. Just ask any runner.

Dean Karnazes

“We are struggling getting guys in. We had runners all over the place and guys aren't scoring. Leaving guys on base is not something that sits well in my bones. We have to fix that and get guys in and be aggressive.”

Darrell Butler

“We've just been working so long on that four-by-two. We finally have runners that ... they're just amazing runners. It was exciting. We've worked very hard on that and we have a great coach.”

Christina Rountree

Overtraining is the biggest problem incurred by runners who lack the experience or discipline to cope with their own enthusiasm.

Marty Liquori

“I try to be patient at the plate and draw my walks like I did with runners at first and second. We got four runs in that inning. That's the key. If I'd tried to come out of the strike zone, I probably would have hit into a double play. That's the last thing I want to do. I want to be patient at the plate, just try to see the ball and, like my dad would say, take what they give you.”

Albert Pujols

“We went 1-for-5 with four strikeouts when we had runners in scoring position. That's not giving ourselves a chance. I know we can do it, it's just a matter of doing it.”

Chris Cozort

“We were getting runners on base, we had five hits. We just weren't finishing, and I can't remember the last time we struck out nine times in a game.”

Stephanie Carroll

“We're still leaving way too many runners in scoring position. We're looking for something perfect (at the plate), and we're getting called out way too many times. That's something that we're working on and we will get better at.”

Dick Blasy