Rush Related Quotes

“The difference in our shooting was that we settled down in the second half and didn't rush things. In the first half we were in too big of a hurry and we struggled. Plus, we took too many off-balance shots. It was nice to see the kids improve like that in the final two quarters.”

Greg Vock

“I don't think we want to rush it any faster than that.”

Rick Navarro

“Take a deep breath and say to yourself that you have six months and you don't have to rush.”

Susan Rawlings

“It was like a rush of adrenaline. You wanted to dunk in front of the fans. It felt really good being at home in front of my own people.”

Carter Jordan

“Every time we got pressure on Greene, ... he stepped up in the pocket, avoided the rush and made a good play downfield.”

Corey Webster

“They have a talented team, despite their record, and they have a good pass rush. The only way to slow them down is to run the ball and use screens.”

Will Mcclay

“I believe in music the way some people believe in fairy tales”

August Rush (august Rush 2007 Movie)

“It's more of a SAM linebacker (position) that can rush the quarterback sometimes.”

David Canter

“Of course it took too long, but I'm glad they didn't rush it to market. I think it was a wise decision to hold off on the newer version and delay it until the product was ready, which I think it is.”

Arne Huse

“It's taken a season. Rushing with a guy like Jason ... you know he's kind of unpredictable in his rush because he's going to take what the offense gives him. He's going to force the issue, but if he sees he can beat (the offensive lineman) inside, he's going to beat him inside.”

Vonnie Holliday