Rush Related Quotes

“I don't think we want to rush it any faster than that.”

Rick Navarro

“That whole rush has already happened. Before they came in saying, 'Show me a dog from Louisiana.' We want them to get homes fast.”

Courtney Frank

“When you can rush two [linebackers] on third down, and we already have one of those types of guys in Jason Taylor, you've really helped your chances of becoming a successful third-down team. It's something that we would look at trying to do if the opportunity presents itself.”

Nick Saban

“Every time we got pressure on Greene, ... he stepped up in the pocket, avoided the rush and made a good play downfield.”

Corey Webster

“Those guys are working very hard to get a pass rush. We've got a Brandon Guillory and guys who can rush the passer. We try as much as we can to allow them to do that.”

Kim Dameron

“This is the rush for a global proposition. It's very evident, with the moves from Electronic Arts and others, that we're at the beginnings of real scale in this industry, and the winners are going to be those who can offer a global solution.”

David Ward

“It was like a rush of adrenaline. You wanted to dunk in front of the fans. It felt really good being at home in front of my own people.”

Carter Jordan

“In the pass-rush stuff, Corey Jackson jumped out.”

Larry Coyer

“We didn't rush to add tenure-track positions because we didn't know how long the increase would continue.”

Dale Goodwin

“Our question is what are they afraid of? Why do they feel they have to rush it? Why do they feel it's important to mislead voters on the ballot.”

Dyana Mason