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I often think it can often be very difficult for comedians to revisit the same gag. I think Russell's a bit more than a comedian.

Colin Firth

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If I hadn't refused Ken Russell, Fellini and Spielberg and made their movies when they asked me, my life would be no different. It is not my fault that I accepted one movie and turned down another. I don't see any point in defending myself, either.

Klaus Kinski

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“He just happened to get a pitch up and the guy (Russell) happened to catch it.”

Wayne Graham

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I love the Seahawks because of Russell [Wilson] and I think that I'm going to probably go for them!

Katy Perry


My favorite movie is 'The Women' from 1939. It's been my favorite movie since I was like 12 years old. I love the dialogue, really. It's just a lot of really strong female performances. Rosalind Russell kills it, you know.

Anna Kendrick


“We played fairly well but Russell shot the ball extremely well and we never could get the lead late in the game. It was a game that seesawed back and forth all night with Russell taking advantage of the home court and some timely foul shooting to gain the victory.”

Freddie Leathers

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There's all kinds of depictions of black men. You have the Denzel Washingtons and the Will Smiths; that's wonderful, but that doesn't represent everyone. There's a Russell Crowe... well, you know, there's a black Russell Crowe.

Michael Jai White


I was a huge Della Reese fan, when Della Reese was on. I idolized all the panelists. I was in love with Kitty Carlisle. Nipsey Russell, Bill Cullen, Peggy Cass, Gene Rayburn.

Cynthia Nixon

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As Bertrand Russell once wrote, two plus two is four even in the interior of the sun.

Martin Gardner

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In L.A. Confidential, it was great to surprise the audience with Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe - two Australian actors that they didn't know at all - and let people discover them through the course of the film.

Curtis Hanson

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