Safe Related Quotes

“[Filming was arduous because the stars did their own stunts.] He told me how to keep safe, ... He was always taking care of me, helping me know about the explosives before we had to jump off the boat.”

Anne Heche

“I'm hopeful that my treasured friend is safe and well, and I'm grateful to the officials who are working so hard to find Patrick, whom I love very much,”

Olivia Newton-john

“The highest-yielding CDs might not be at the bank around the corner, but they are perfectly safe and FDIC-insured.”

Laura Bruce

“My adrenaline was pumping. I just wanted to make sure everyone was safe.”

Christopher Wenz

“What that's saying to the investment community is that I have a safe bet when I put my money into a mortgage in Memphis.”

William Mitchell

“I don't like the idea of busing children all over the country. It's not safe. And there doesn't seem to be that much of an urgent need for it to be done.”

Wayne White

“It could be it's a completely safe product, and it's not eligible in the Japanese market.”

Greg Ibach

“It's cheap to do and appears to be quite safe.”

Allen Mitchell

“We're overjoyed that Rory has been released safe and sound. We'd like to thank all those in London, Dublin and Iraq who played a role in freeing him. Both British and Irish governments have been extremely helpful - as have many journalistic colleagues around the world and sympathetic groups and individuals in Baghdad.”

Alan Rusbridger

“Only a government that is rich and safe can afford to be a democracy, for democracy is the most expensive and nefarious kind of government ever heard of on earth.”

Mark Twain