Safety Related Quotes

“I thought he would fit in better back at safety. I think he was struggling a little bit at the Husky position so we wanted to put him back at strong safety, where he was probably a little bit more comfortable. We didn't want to go too deep into spring without doing that so we tried to evaluate it as quickly as we could with him.”

Randy Edsall

Free supplies and open retreat are two essentials to the safety of an army or a fleet.

Alfred Thayer Mahan

The first maxim of a man who loves liberty, should be never to grant to rulers an atom of power that is not most clearly and indispensably necessary for the safety and well being of society.

Richard Henry Lee

“If every SUV occupant wore their safety belt, it would save a thousand lives a year without doing anything to change technology, just using the existing technology.”

Eron Shosteck

“Let's get them out there and see if they're interested. If they are, they can go through hunter's safety when they turn 12.”

Rep. Scott Gunderson

“It's just another significant step for us and a major benefit for public safety.”

Richard Moore

“We had safety concerns (about an early dawn start). Rather than have hunters open the season in the dark, we chose a time where people can see where other hunters are set up. We didn't want people fighting for position at 1 a.m.”

Steve Cordts

The negro cannot win the respect of the white people of the south or the peoples of the world if he is willing to sell the future of his children for his personal and immediate comfort and safety.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Whatever the immediate gains and losses, the dangers to our safety arising from political suppression are always greater than the dangers to the safety resulting from political freedom. Suppression is always foolish. Freedom is always wise.”

Alexander Meiklejohn

“I can't imagine that we wouldn't talk, ... It's not about jurisdiction. It's about public safety.”

Pam Iorio