Sales Related Quotes

“Our recent sales results have been disappointing.”

David Mott

“We expect to see the industry record slow growth for the first quarter of 2002, with sales rising to double-digit growth in the second half of the year.”

George Scalise

“New products currently represent 33 percent of total sales, up from 30 percent last quarter and up from 20 percent in the same quarter a year ago. I am also pleased with our continued manufacturing efficiencies and solid financial management which contributed to improved gross and operating margins.”

Wim Roelandts

“had a great deal of success with this program. We've set a number of sales records in the past few months, and we thought it was important to extend for the month of September.”

Deborah Silverman

?They are continuing to be tight on costs, and the merchandise sales look fine.?

Barbara Miller

“The sales warning from Target is dampening optimism toward consumer spending during the holiday season and outweighing the better-than-expected (October) retail sales data.”

Chris Burba

“This type of content is now driving sales, and Apple is leading the way in media consumption.”

Nitin Gupta

“The (sales) growth was particularly surprising in Europe.”

Christoph Gubler

“As soon as we announced the '86 celebration dates and those giveaways, the sales for those tickets increased. Promotions are a factor and people do consider them when they are buying tickets for games.”

Dave Howard

“CUV sales will continue to outpace all other categories in the U.S. auto market between now and the end of the decade.”

Steve Lyons