Sales Related Quotes

“Home sales have remained surprisingly strong despite higher interest rates.”

Christopher Low

“Product margins benefited from higher unit sales of new systems and materials, lower costs from our outsourcing activities and favorable price/mix effects.”

Abe Reichental

“The integration of sales and marketing has the potential to affect the account executive the most. Instead of entering information many times over, you're leveraging information already acquired by marketing, but companies are still trying to connect the dots and there is still of lot of work to be done with this business process.”

Wayne Latterell

“I'm not on a sales pitch”

David Lynch

“This is the first time since I started monitoring sales by model in 1978 that a passenger car has come even close to being the most popular vehicle in Canada.”

Dennis Desrosiers

“We already have tremendous interest in Grand Arbors, and 2005 sales in The Estates caused a buzz. Those who have not been paying attention to Immokalee Road may have missed out.”

Al Primavera

“Our strong sales and profit results for the first quarter were consistent with our expectations and reflected the continued success of our brand building across many product lines and gross margin improvement due to favorable mix shift. The breadth of our product line as well as global new product introductions are integral to our consistent performance and will be important contributors to our performance in the future.”

Cary Rayment

“We were pleased with what happened yesterday in terms of sales and think the approach that we took in being aggressive on all levels was appropriate.”

Gail Lavielle

“Peugeot, which used to be lukewarm in China, is gearing up now. Peugeot may record faster sales growth as its unique exterior designs are becoming more acceptable to Chinese consumers along with rising car penetration rate.”

Yale Zhang

“Obviously (the same-stores sales) were much better than the trend in the previous part of the year.”

David Brodie