Sarah Related Quotes

“Sarah Lowe is an amazing competitor. She does a tremendous job of distributing the ball and igniting our defense. She handles pressure very well and is a big part of why we're in the NCAA Tournament.”

Carolyn Peck

“That's a wonderful compliment. I've always looked up to Sarah as a role model. It's going to be really weird not having her back.”

Amy Cox

“I have a lot of respect for Sarah and Lyn (St. James). I think we all look at each other as competitors, if we were driving against each other.”

Danica Patrick

“The one-two finish was totally unexpected. That, and with Sarah scoring in the 50, I thought we might be closer to Sweet Home in the final tally. But I was very excited to see us ahead of Cascade.”

Chere' Moore

“I thought Winlock played a smart game. (They) controlled tempo and worked to get open shots. Sarah Bradley had a fantastic game for them.”

Wade Iseminger

“She can shoot. Sarah likes to distribute the ball and get other people to do. But when she's open, she can drive and has the pull up ability. I'm glad she got to show that today.”

Cathy Inglese

“Sarah Kolb was looking straight ahead, looking frightened and not participating in any way.”

David Hoffman

“Sarah was one of the premier shooters in the conference, if not the entire state. With Jessica, her stats don't lie. She does a lot of things really well and gave us a great post presence.”

Kraig Terpstra

“Emily and Sarah were very outstanding. Elena also did quite well.”

Roy Coates

“For the most part, there have been a lot of good things. Rachel Gable and Sarah Finkel have both been hitting .300, which is some of the places we've been getting help.”

Nick Joseph