Saudi Related Quotes

“Later reports suggested they (Saudi forces) foiled the (attack) attempt, but you still have crude oil up over $2 a barrel.”

Dan Vaught

“They heard that the script was anti-Saudi.”

Stephen Gaghan

“But Saudi Arabia and Kuwait offer, I think, the best opportunities in the gas sector.”

Archie Dunham

“We're delighted that our largest Saudi customers have decided to lift the boycott.”

Finn Hansen

“I think in general the markets have been quite jittery and mostly influenced by the sell-off in Saudi Arabia, even though the fundamentals of the markets are not the same.”

Hashem Montasser

“Saudi Arabia condemns the brutal assaults inflicted on Palestinian citizens in Jerusalem by Israeli occupation forces,”

Saudi Arabia

“Clearly, the signal event of the day was the explosion in Saudi Arabia, which provided some excitement in energy. But we're clearly in a place where people don't want to own the wrong stuff over the weekend. Everybody's sort of meandering along.”

Cummins Catherwood

“What happened as far as this particular instance or instances with the Saudi ambassador and his wife, I'm not sure, ... But we should pursue the money trail -- get the FBI, get the accountants, follow the bank. If we follow through the banks, everything that we can regarding this, we'll get to the truth.”

Richard Shelby

“We are not interested in becoming the Saudi Arabia of ethanol. It's not our strategy because it doesn't produce results. As a large producer and user, I need to have other big buyers and sellers in the international market if ethanol is to become a commodity, which is our real goal.”

Eduardo Carvalho

“He could have gone back to Saudi Arabia, but he's a madman, he wanted to prove that he's the hero.”

Mustafa Mahmoud