Saying Related Quotes

“This was just with gross negligence. Sometimes saying 'sorry' is enough and sometimes it is not and I am afraid this is one of those times,”

Richard Adams

“The governor has been consistent in saying he's fine with same-sex marriage if the courts and the people rule, he will support it. The legislature is the people's body, and so hopefully he will sign it.”

Geoffrey Kors

“It's just opening up a can of worms. It's going to be a witch hunt. I'm not saying to brush it under the rug, but where does it end? It scares me for the good of baseball.”

Dave Machemer

“Teachers don't want to have a letter sent home saying that they are not highly qualified, ... We likely will have a few of those letters that will have to go out. Hopefully in that letter, somehow we can explain to parents that we still feel like the teacher we have in that classroom is a very good teacher, who will do an excellent job.”

Chris Mills

The wise man comes to God without saying a word and stands in awe of Him.

Francis Chan

“In saying what is obvious, never choose cunning, yelling works better”

Cynthia Ozick

“He knew the precise psychological moment when to say nothing.”

Oscar Wilde

“There is an old saying that money can't buy happiness. If it could, I would buy myself four hits every game.”

Pete Rose

“I will miss flying the Tomcat very much. Saying good bye to the Tomcat will be like saying good bye to an old friend, but in the best interest of our people, it must be done.”

Cmdr. Richard Labranche

“What makes me laugh is how people are saying he let his team down, ... How many times does a coach get rid of a player right before the season, and that player is left with nothing? Players want to know, How come you got rid of guys who could have helped us, over and over? That's letting your team down.”

Marshall Faulk