Score Related Quotes

“To stay with Harlan you have to score points.”

Dale Scott

“She had the ball constantly and she shared the ball constantly. When she had to score, she scored. And she's never played guard before in her life. She was always a four or five. It's like she was born with a second instinct.”

Norman O'rourke

“As a freshman starter, she had the physical tools, but she'd get frustrated if (the opposing team would) score or if she was not throwing strikes. You don't see that anymore as a senior. She's more of a leader now on the field.”

Mark Ringham

“It's frustrating that I'm not helping score runs for the team. I had opportunities to score some guys tonight and I didn't do the job. That's what it boils down to.”

Gavin Dickey

“Mitchell's our best player and he struggled to score tonight. We don't have a lot of other guys who can make up for the production he gives.”

Steve Pikiell

“It's tough to score a lot of runs off of Pedro, ... We did tonight, more so later. The thing is, Pedro's going to make mistakes. He knows how to pitch and you don't know what your going to get.”

Mike Lieberthal

“We've just got to score five to seven runs and we'll be fine.”

Rob Miller

“We don't want to score field goals when we can score touchdowns.”

Courtney Anderson

“I think he's probably disappointed ? frustrated might not be the word ? disappointed that he didn't come through and score in those situations the past couple of games. I think anybody would feel that way.”

Pat Quinn

“Last year in the tournament Emily realized that she can score, too.”

Doug Pickarts