Scream Related Quotes

With these words there came the rending scream of a shattered stirk and an angry troubling of the branches as the poor madman percolated through the sieve of a sharp yew, a wailing black meteor hurtling through green clouds, a human prickles.

Flann O'brien

“I heard her scream, so when I ran back in the house, I saw him going out the backdoor,”

Lee Sullivan

Before I could cry or scream I whirled around and stalked to my bedroom,slamming the door behind me. I hope they all drown. "Zoey your mother and I need to speak with you." Great. Clearly they didn't drown.

P. C. Cast

Korean audiences are amazing. The fans scream so loud, and that really surprises skaters when they first perform in my shows.

Kim Yuna

I wish I could find people who just would fight me and break through to me and hold me down and scream their life into my face.

Angelina Jolie

This film [Chi-Raq]is a declaration. It's a scream. It's a warning. And I can really break it down to one scene. That's the scene where we have the eulogy and sermon that is given by the great John Cusack.

Spike Lee

50 percent of the people I perform for have come to scream at me and the other 50 percent have come to listen to the music.

George Michael

There must be something solemn, serious, and tender about any attitude which we denominate religious. If glad, it must not grin or snicker; if sad, it must not scream or curse.

William James

I got out of the tub and had to squelch a scream when I saw my reflection in the vanity mirror. My hair looked like it had taken 2000 volts and been spray starched

Janet Evanovich

I'm man enough to know when to scream.

Obert Skye