Screening Related Quotes

“We just continually tried to keep fresh legs on her. They were screening for her all over the place. We knew that was coming. We just had to switch or fight through and just try to keep somebody on her all the time. She's just a good player.”

Rachel Farwell

“In the first half, we were working very hard. I was screening a lot and got open shots. As a team, we were moving and screening - simply being patient. In the second half, we weren't being patient and started turning over the ball.”

Korvotney Barber

“Ultimately this is a win-win for TSA in that we are going to be screening a subset of passengers at another location, thereby removing those individuals from a checkpoint line at a larger airport.”

Ann Davis

“More institutions are screening out the very worst social but also using shareholder advocacy to improve those that don't make the grade.”

Alisa Gravitz

“We suspect that he left the checkpoint under the impression that his screening was complete. The fact that the machine alarmed should not be a cause for concern, as some commonly found substances can set it off.”

Ann Davis

“She's been spreading the word among her friends. She was also a guest for us at an intimate screening in Mill Valley before the San Francisco opening.”

Connie White

“For the Mackenzie fund, we look at it over more than 15 different screening criteria.”

Andrew Preston

“We could have done a better job of boxing out, screening them and being more physical with them. But they're a good team.”

Dan Fitzgerald

“We suspect that he did not realize the screening process was not complete, but nonetheless we need to locate him.”

Ann Davis

“There is no accepted early screening technique for lung cancer. The PLCO trial will show if chest X-rays, by catching lung cancer when it is still operable, can reduce the death rate from lung cancer.”

Christine Berg