Screening Related Quotes

“The passenger left the checkpoint before the screening was complete so TSA evacuated the terminal and postponed outgoing flights.”

Andrea Mccauley

“China has agreed to more stringent screening and testing of fish sold to Hong Kong,”

York Chow

“We suspect that he left the checkpoint under the impression that his screening was complete. The fact that the machine alarmed should not be a cause for concern, as some commonly found substances can set it off.”

Ann Davis

“For the Mackenzie fund, we look at it over more than 15 different screening criteria.”

Andrew Preston

“Some are very open-ended. You call and you make your own arrangement, ... The governor's is more of a screening process.”

Sharon Nichols

“I think our objective is to provide the whole board the candidate that we would recommend after a thorough screening process.”

Stan Hanson

“More institutions are screening out the very worst social but also using shareholder advocacy to improve those that don't make the grade.”

Alisa Gravitz

“This underscores the importance of the physician's endorsement of screening.”

Michael Wolf

“Stitch was a villain who would get to be a hero. But after our first screening we knew there had to be a reason why this creature makes that change. There had to be something about Lilo that captures Stitch's imagination.”

Chris Sanders

“We suspect that he did not realize the screening process was not complete, but nonetheless we need to locate him.”

Ann Davis