Screw You Related Quotes

You think it doesn't really matter if you screw up this time around because you can just sort it all out in paradise

Caitlin Moran

Screw you and your 38,000 twitter followers!

Cm Punk

Screw-top wine has improved the quality of life by about ten percent, wouldn't you say?

Martin Amis

Just 'cause you love someone doesn't mean you should stick around and screw up their life.

Dean Winchester

I'd like to think that in any circumstance I'd say, "You know what? Screw this. Kill me. I'm done. I'm not going to grovel."

Aldis Hodge

Ambition is a funny thing. You can completely screw yourself with it if you're not careful.

Simon Le Bon

You are a writer when you tell yourself you are. No one else's opinion matters. Screw them. You are when you say you are.

Steven Pressfield

Forgive yourself and be ready to forgive yourself in the future. You're gonna screw up. It's okay.

David D. Burns

You're human. You'll screw up. Denying that is crazy. Forgiving yourself has all the benefits of self-esteem without making you a narcissist that's out of touch with reality.

David D. Burns

I though I screwed everything up," I say.He smiles. "You're only one person. In the whole universe. You can't screw everything up.

Caela Carter