Seam Related Quotes

“We've got the seam bowlers to exploit the conditions.”

Steve Harmison

“He does a great job of moving off the ball, and when the shots go up he finds that seam and seems to be there (for the rebound).”

Chad Cluver

“He made this thing 25 years ago. It's a cargo chute that's been rubberized. There's a foot-wide Velcro seam up the middle. Everybody picks it up and walks it in. Art Lloyd uses a truck with a boom to pull out the pole after the festival.”

Don Bowes

?Now he's starting to just get the ball, get up field, see a seam and hit it. I think the best is yet to come.?

Ben Sirmans

“I found a seam and I just cut back because they were over-pursuing. I have to thank my offensive line and my teammates because they blocked great for me.”

Andrew Preston

“He's a big-game pitcher. That's him. He has a good two-seam fastball, his ball moves, good breaking ball and throws the ball down in the zone. He just knows how to play and is an excellent athlete.”

Jack Leggett

“The credit's got to go to our seam bowlers, who did a great job on a flat pitch to set up the game for us.”

Andrew Strauss

“He's got a veteran offensive line in front of him. We just ask them to give a seam and hopefully Jude can break it.”

Coach Scott Zane

“When he hit Ike [Hilliard] up that seam [46 yards and a touchdown on New York's first drive], I knew it was curtains. Curtains.”

Amani Toomer

“We were led by a very good seam attack.”

Daniel Vettori