Sean Related Quotes

There's a great documentary on Tupac called 'Resurrection' about the last few years of Tupac's life and how he transformed. And, ironically, how this East Coast rapper became this West Coast icon, back when all that Death Row/Sean Combs stuff was going on.

Marco Rubio

“I think it's to our benefit. As long as he (Sean) wins, he won't see those guys until the finals.”

Scott Russell

Sean �g ó Hailpín.... his father's from Fermanagh, his mother's from Fiji, neither a hurling stronghold.

Micheal O Muircheartaigh

“That was big. Freshman Sean Little stepped up. He looked like he was shot out of a cannon tonight. We hadn't heard from him in a few games, he gets a few here and there, but I thought he really picked it up tonight.”

Ryan Sarazin

“Sean had a great first game and a great last game. In between he did OK, but was not as productive as I hoped. He had some trouble dropping the ball, as did some other guys.”

Mark Richt

“Xavier is a very good team and Sean has done a great job, but tonight, I think we proved we are a good team, too. Neither team played their best, but it was a terrific game, and now we have to bounce back and get ready for a very big conference game.”

Andy Kennedy

“We listen to him on a variety of subjects. Sean is in contact with him constantly. Yes, we do talk to him and see him as often as we can.”

James Dickey

Body piercing and baggy clothes express identity among black youth, and not just beginning with hip-hop culture. Moreover, young black entrepreneurs like Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs and Russell Simmons have made millions from their clothing lines.

Michael Eric Dyson

“Before every game, me and Sean and Santana come out together. Coming from 'The U', knowing their capabilities and knowing their character, you don't want to let them down. Once other guys see how you play for each other and depend on each other, it spreads throughout the locker room.”

Clinton Portis

I thought it was very humanitarian of Sean Penn and Madonna to marry each other. That way, they make only two people miserable instead of four.

Cesar Romero