Second Related Quotes

Trust takes one second to lose and a lifetime to rebuild.

Kathie Lee Gifford

?It was another outstanding job defensively. In the second half, we did a much better job of getting to the line and getting fouled.?

Ben Howland

“It was very important to give them the wind first. That way we knew in the second half we could take advantage of the wind and we did. Also, Chris Tidwell did a great job out there. He made some great saves that had my heart beating (fast) for a couple seconds.”

David Lopez

“They're relentless. Even when we had them down [13-4 early in the second] they keep coming. They find that fourth and fifth gear when they need it.”

Dan Mccabe

“I'm just surprised there was no public comment before the motion. Generally, you make a motion and second it and call for public input.”

David Henderson

“The outsiders might second-guess this, but we didn't quit. Until the very end, we gave it all out there. Give the Panthers credit. They played well. We didn't, but it wasn't lack of effort.”

Keith Brooking

“The second season has been even more engrossing than the first, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for this remarkable show.”

Chris Albrecht

“Usually this happens after the mid-term election of the second term -- during the start of the seventh year of an eight-year presidency.”

Larry Sabato

I will not hesitate. Not for a second.

Robert De Niro

“I have no wish for a second husband. l had enough of the first. I like to have my own way to lie down mistress, and get up master.”

Susanna Strickland Moodie