Security Related Quotes

“PCI PED approval ensures that retailers are able to meet the highest security standards as they update their checkout lanes with the MX870 and take advantage of its ability to create brand awareness, reinforce advertising, and deliver cross-promotions with video, digital sounds, animations, and targeted messages.”

Paul Rasori

“National security is not something you run TV ads on in a House race.”

Carl Forti

?I am emphatically against the privatization of Social Security. It is going to hurt millions of American women, American families and ultimately the whole country.?

Barbara Mikulski

“E-Voting machines are nothing more than dilapidated, barebones PCs with zero endpoint security.”

James Scott

“It gives a false sense of security.”

Corwin Ritchie

“The successful industry practices previously established for sharing virus information demonstrate the effectiveness of cooperation among Internet security experts.”

Vincent Weafer

“[W]e have little to lose, and much technological progress, energy security, and economic efficiency to gain if we act on climate change now,”

Andy Crouch

“The Web was never built for privacy and security,”

Austin Hill

“After the Democrats' obstructionist approach to Social Security reform, it is more difficult for them to claim the mantle of fiscal responsibility.”

Maya Macguineas

“This is a very dangerous act, ... They targeted one of the Palestinian security leaders.”

Ahmed Qureia