Security Related Quotes

“Powerful Iran is the best friend of the neighboring states and the best guarantor of regional security,”

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

“E-Voting machines are nothing more than dilapidated, barebones PCs with zero endpoint security.”

James Scott

“The university is very concerned by this disturbance and any injury to students, ... We will reevaluate the security procedures for this type of event and make every effort to assure that it will not happen again.”

Michael Adams

“It becomes a very important component in establishing regional security and stability,”

Askar Akayev

“Today, no walls can separate humanitarian or human rights crises in one part of the world from national security crises in another. What begins with the failure to uphold the dignity of one life all too often ends with a calamity for entire nations.”

Kofi Annan

“The state of Internet security changes by the minute. There are new and evolving threats coming at the rate of dozens a day, so timely information is critical for any company that needs to protect that information.”

Gene Fredriksen

“The five member security team is arriving here and will tour Karachi on Dec. 26.”

Zakir Khan

“There's always a surprise. It's part of the fun of the job. One client's technical security manager said the issue was lack of board acceptance. So he showed us the email he was sending his boss and even I was lost in paragraph two, it was so dense. Another client hired two convicted hackers into his bank's development team on the new online banking project because they were 'nice guys'.”

Dave Martin

“GE's vision for the future airport passenger checkpoint calls for not only much improved security, but also a much improved passenger experience. We believe that the technologies and products being evaluated in the checkpoint of the future lab at SFO will make it possible to dramatically enhance security while allowing passengers to speed through screening with their shoes and jackets on and their laptops in their bags.”

David Weber

“Iraq is at a very precarious point now and security is continuously deteriorating. Until security is stabilized people will continue to be displaced due to sectarian violence.”

Dana Graber