Seek Related Quotes

Life itself seeks fulfillment as plants seek sunlight.

B.k.s. Iyengar

“And there are those of them who seek to listen to you, until when they go forth from you, they say to those who have been given the knowledge: What was it that he said just now? These are they upon whose hearts Allah has set a seal and they follow their low desires.”


“When you seek it, you cannot find it.”

Zen Proverb

“Seek first the kingdom of God, don’t focus on the non-essentials”

Sunday Adelaja

God has created the world to play hide-and-seek with man.

Kedar Joshi

But not all men seek rest and peace; some are born with the spirit of the storm in their blood.

Robert E. Howard

“We seek peaceful, negotiated diplomatic solutions.”

Adam Ereli

“We intend to seek appropriate judicial relief.”

Robert Bennett

We still seek no wider war.

Lyndon B. Johnson

“We must seek ways to solve difficulties such as hatred, envy and jealousy.”

Sri Sathya Sai Baba