Seems Related Quotes

“It seems like I get my second wind by the end of the year. I've had a nice little break after my trip to Europe. I played one event and I saw my coach the next week, so I feel like I'm ready to finish strong. I really do.”

Annika Sorenstam

A plausible rumor / Seems a lot more believable / Than the truth itself.

Kobo Abe

“We really struggled at both ends of the floor offensively and defensively. It seems like when we would make a run to get it down to 10 or six points, they would hit a 3-pointer or a big shot to get them in control. We never had a chance to get the game to where we wanted it.”

Willie Graham

“It just seems like we couldn't close it. We were up by 15, 17, 18 and we just kept letting them back in it. It's kind of disappointing, but we got the win.”

Chris Kaman

“There seems to be nothing new under the sun here. The only thing different is it's G-rated films.”

Stacy Smith

“That seems to be the trend most of the way around the globe, apart from Asia where there is a lot of BitTorrent. BitTorrent traffic levels are in decline.”

Andrew Parker

“Doing so this month in the context of the Council's ongoing process seems appropriate and reasonable.”

Wally Walker

It seems to me it's always the evil we refuse to see that does us the greatest harm.

Robert Baer

“The pickup in domestic demand seems to be starting to boost activity in the tertiary sector.”

Paul Sheard

“To me it seems that youth is like spring, an over-praised season delightful if it happens to be a favored one, but in practice very rarely favored and more remarkable, as a general rule, for biting east winds than genial breezes”

Samuel Butler