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“I've seen pictures of the course and it's pretty flat, but looks like it's going to be very fast. It's going to be a bit of a track race, but it will be fun.”

Corey Ihmels

“If a deal doesn't get done, bondholders are looking at owning a credit that has seen its financial performance deteriorate at kind of a staggering rate.”

Craig Hutson

“None of our officers has encountered this individual, or even seen him,”

Norm Stamper

“I've never seen anyone do a better job. You have made a very, very strong presentation here.”

Orrin Hatch

“I have been impressed with their pitching. They have got depth. We have seen two of their pitchers and haven't seen their No. 1 yet.”

Robbie Smith

“It remains to be seen why that is and how to address it, and certainly we'll look at that more closely.”

Stephanie Goodman

“It's the first time we've seen all eight Great Lakes governors and two Canadian provinces agree on standards. This region has been a profligate water waster, and we now have a set of standards on the books that helps get ourselves on the same page on how to conserve this resource.”

Cameron Davis

“When I saw him after 9/11, he was the quietest I'd ever seen him. But he's generally incredibly upbeat.”

Steven Spinola

“Tonight I don't know what he was. I haven't seen Kyle wrestle like that in two years. Hopefully, we can flush that out before Saturday.”

Rob Leavitt

“The very active season we have seen to this point is far from over.”

Philip Klotzbach