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“It's a bad one. Alan's a fighter, but it looks very long-term. It's one of the worst I've seen.”

Alex Ferguson

“They shot the ball great in the first half — I've never seen a team shoot so many threes (41 on the night). I think they got tired and were still shooting threes from the outside, and we started getting the ball inside.”

Wendell Jeffries

“The activity that we've seen in the businesses and neighborhoods adjacent to George R. Brown as well as the Reliant complex has been as close to normal as possible.”

Harold Hurtt

“We haven't seen the checkered flag. We have no word from NASCAR, so we aren't quitting.”

Richard Orr

“I'm excited. We've seen some growth in the players from last year in their conditioning and commitment. The kids are starting to mature soccer-wise. We're looking to be competitive in every game.”

Craig Cusson

“You should have seen it. It was unbelievable. Everyone was so happy for him and he deserved it.”

Ed Pinckney

“We've seen a lot of great post players this season, but nothing like the tandem we saw tonight. The thing with them is you have to keep a body on each of them and then look for the back-side help.”

Andrew Booth

“We believe that some of Adam's characteristics can still be seen in Southern Africa but we need to find out what they are.”

Dr Spencer Wells

“We've seen a tremendous number of optical deals. But now we are seeing the end of the cycle of it being the hot sector.”

Corey Ostman

“He is the only quarterback I have ever seen that actually looks for the other color helmet, and then tries to hit it. He hunts for tacklers, and wants to punish them for trying to tackle him.”

Andy Klatt