Seen Related Quotes

“The IRB board (members) didn't say they had a problem. They said they hadn't seen the survey.”

Susan Evans

“It was so phenomenal. I've played with some outstanding players over the years and I've really never seen anyone hit the ball like that.”

Robert Fletcher

“We have said for the last couple of weeks that we have seen the enemy starting to attack soft targets, Iraqi targets, rather than military targets, ... He is attempting to intimidate the people of Iraq. He will not succeed.”

Mark Kimmitt

“I've never seen anything like that. I can't even explain it to you.”

Randy Walker

“What we have seen in Eastern Europe, particularly in some of the former Soviet republics, is just a very accelerated increase in infection, primarily through intravenous drug use.”

Mark Connolly

“We have seen a substantial increase in the cost of our raw materials, especially coking coal, iron ore pellets and scrap.”

Davinder Chugh

“We've seen prices pushing higher since about the middle of February.”

Cathy Hay

“Everyone wants to come here now. They've seen what we've built and the ones who didn't come are asking if they can get in.”

Pazsley Looney

“I've seen a lot of killers, but this is the only one I've tried who was proud of what he had done,”

Robert Horan

“I've definitely never seen that before.”

Alan Byrd