Self Related Quotes

“This above all; to thine own self be true.”

William Shakespeare

I do like athletes as they have amazing self-discipline.


“True courage is defying common opinion.”

Rodney Lovell

“The greatest danger, that of losing one's own self, may pass off quietly as if it were nothing; every other loss, that of an arm, a leg, five dollars, a wife, etc., is sure to be noticed.”

Soren Kierkegaard

“environment for self-discovery.”

Michael Schaffer

“Nature is a self-made machine, more perfectly automated than any automated machine. To create something in the image of nature is to create a machine, and it was by learning the inner working of nature that man became a builder of machines.”

Eric Hoffer

“It's about self-examination, an opportunity to see what kind of person he is and act on it,”

Dan Taylor

The door to nature is a door to your very self!

Mehmet Murat Ildan

Self confidence is the greatest courage for any success.

Lailah Gifty Akita

Each conflict is self conflict.

Raphael Zernoff