Selling Related Quotes

I don't know if there will ever be an ideal way of selling an original picture. Because everything you're doing, you're inventing.

Peter Weir

Brands are selling our self-esteem back to us, through association. We need to own our brands.

Kanye West

The tabloids operate in an amoral parallel universe where the bottom line is selling newspapers.

Steve Coogan

“That kind of foreign selling in the past was a disaster. But now, that selling has been bought by local investors.”

Young Chang

Selling is never about convincing. It is always about helping.

Mark Cuban

When I used to do the Edinburgh Festival, there was a bunch of guys selling fresh oysters and I'd eat ten daily - marvellous.

Paul Merton

“We were selling stuff that can entertain you during a flight or stuff you forgot.”

Robin Urbanski

I've made money over the years by buying into good companies, run by good people, at attractive prices. And I don't try and make it out of buying into the market at one point and selling at another point.

Warren Buffett

“It's selling now at 35 times what they're going to earn in 1998 and over 25 times what they're going to earn in the year 2000. There's some relationship between what a company earns and what they grow at.”

Peter Lynch

?American business has just forgotten the importance of selling.?

Barry Goldwater