Sen Related Quotes

“I said to Sen. Coleman that we could readily understand the way he might feel. We could readily understand that he might feel duped, as many others probably felt the same way.”

Dennis Richardson

“[Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) dismissed Reid's idea.] You bet those hearings ought to go forward, ... Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer.”

Orrin Hatch

“Sen. Stevens continues to advocate for the promise that was made to Alaskans by Congress 25 years ago.”

Courtney Boone

“[U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, who saw a presentation on the sensors Monday, said it looked promising.] There have been too many horror stories of infants who've been gravely injured by air bags, ... I'm pleased we're going to make auto travel safer, particularly for infants.”

Dick Durbin

“It is to be expected because the court is under Hun Sen, ... Hun Sen can do what he likes. He is in control.”

Prince Norodom Ranariddh

“Republicans may be second-guessing themselves on the decision to engage Sen. Clinton since the more attention she gets, the more favorable voters find her.”

Chuck Todd

“While Sen. Kerry's rationale has evolved over his four terms, his record is clear. His rationale has shifted over the two decades, but his opposition [to national defense programs] is consistent -- cut, cut, cut and cancel, cancel, cancel programs that are vital to national security, ... Highlighting this fact is not 'cherry picking.' His 20-year career in the Senate is a cherry tree whose roots are found in his first run in 1984.”

Ed Gillespie

“Sen. Kennedy hopes we have a national policy in place soon. But in the interim, he feels it's understandable why members of the committee would want to look at navigational safety issues that accompany these kinds of projects.”

Melissa Wagoner

“Newly appointed Sen. Robert Menendez leads Tom Kean by the narrowest of margins only because there are more Democrats than Republicans in New Jersey.”

Clay F. Richards

“Since 1998 Sen. Harkin has secured a total of $116 million for the initiative, the first of its kind in the nation, to repair, modernize and build new schools.”

Maureen Knightly