Series Related Quotes

“I have had the privilege to work with Jeff and his team on a series of licensed products and I was honored to be asked to co-host this tournament with him.”

Chris Moneymaker

“We understand from the vet onboard the salvage vessel that the whale suffered a series of convulsions at around 7 pm (0030 IST) and died.”

Katy Geary

“China's iron and steel industry has entered an important stage of strategic restructuring, which can help solve a series of problems in the industry.”

Xie Qihua

“There were a series of protests calling for the removal of military recruiters. There was even a protest at the Career Fair. Of course, all of these protests were against the policy of recruitment, not against the military itself.”

Chris Sgro

“I love the series. I'm excited about it.”

Dave Reiter

“And after Mr. Stephanopoulos made the statement, he had a series ofdiscussions ... not just with Mr. [Paul] Begala, but with Rahm Emanuel, Ann Lewis, Mike McCurry and yes, Sid Blumenthal, ... Begala, [James] Carville, all of them were in contact with each other ... a flurry of communications over Mr. Stephanopoulos' statement. We've asked to depose these people. And not unexpectedly, the government has yet ... once again ... come in to try to block the depositions.”

Larry Klayman

“It is abominable that many people, including some Japanese citizens, were killed and injured by a series of bombs.”

Yoshinori Katori

“We had a wonderful series with some close matches and good individual performances with bat and ball. It speaks well for what will hopefully be a good one day series.”

Vikram Solanki

“There were a series of nonsensical things bandied about here and untruths, and everything about Bosnia-Herzegovina is a pure lie because I was engaged in peace there, not war. Serbia throughout that time waged a policy of peace,”

Slobodan Milosevic

“We came here to win the series, and now we can't. But we won't accept anything but a tied series.”

Stephen Fleming