Serious Related Quotes

“I'm serious. I've been behind the plate when it's happened.”

Mike Redmond

“[Friends] knew [our] relationship was serious not when we moved in together, but when we combined our record collections.”

Dave Kolesar

“Another gas price spike would be serious.”

Alan Gin

“If all sides are serious about getting this done before the deadline, I think it can be done.”

Steve Macfarlane

A pregnant woman facing the most dire circumstances must be able to count on her doctor to do what is medically necessary to protect her from serious physical harm.

Barbara Mikulski

“We view these developments as disturbing -- deeply disturbing and we view them with serious concerns.”

Adam Ereli

“We've had serious discussions. We like the player and think he'd be a good complement to our club. It's not a done deal, but at this point we're optimistic.”

Mark Shapiro

“Some interesting things have been going on. I think it's fair to say the Yankees have made a serious move on Deion and Deion is listening.”

Eugene Parker

“This is a very serious situation, and getting worse.”

David Grey

“It's not believed to be serious, but we're not sure yet. It was bad enough to where there was swelling and he couldn't return. I would say he's questionable for Monday.”

Rick Carlisle