Serious Related Quotes

“We are in a very serious predicament,”

James Morris

“extremely serious and deeply disturbing.”

Louis Freeh

“As soon as you walk in that clubhouse and see all those great names (it's serious). It's going to be tough to put that team together again.”

Victor Martinez

“We're considering all our options. We have a series of very serious allegations. There's still been no investigation.”

Steve Hinchman

“We need to stop Sharon. His lethal policies are drawing blood on both sides. That's why we need a serious intervention -- international troops. And we need to end the occupation if there is to be security for both people.”

Hanan Ashrawi

“We intervened to seek commitments from MidAmerican as a condition of this acquisition they're making, that they take a serious look at making investments in Wyoming, including transmission facilities and new generating facilities.”

Steve Waddington

“The situation is still serious, but it's stable. All the parameters ... are as expected following this type of surgery. Part of the treatment of the prime minister, in order to preserve low pressure in the skull, is sedation and respiration for at least the next 24 hours.”

Shlomo Mor Yosef

“Rather than address the serious issues of unaffordable health care, poverty wages, crime, and sprawl, Wal-Mart?s latest and greatest public relations stunt is to try to rebuild a fraction of the very communities and small business it has helped destroy.”

Chris Kofinis

“We're doing very serious stuff, ... But some of the stuff we pull with each other in between is not serious at all, and also not repeatable.”

Jack Lemmon

“Far from being a serious bid to build an Asian-Pacific colossus, the bid is a crude maneuver to stop Patrick competing with Toll in Australia. Patrick doesn't need Toll.”

Chris Corrigan