Seriously Related Quotes

It sure looks like [Vladimir] Putin did this [hack DNS site]. And we all need to take this seriously.

E. J. Dionne

“When millions applaud you seriously ask yourself what harm you have done; and when they disapprove you, what good.”

Charles Caleb Colton

Not taking yourself too seriously, that's the important thing.

Chris Colfer

Too many people had spent too long demonizing or totemizing me to listen seriously to what I had to say.

Salman Rushdie

“It is difficult to make a reputation, but it is even more difficult seriously to mar a reputation once properly made - so faithful is the public”

Arnold Bennett

And, you know, I liked writing humor. Well, I should say, I wanted to write seriously, but it kept turning funny.

Roseanne Barr

I have never taken my career seriously. My only ambition was to grow as an actor.

Val Kilmer

“The administration will take this charge very seriously. We have heard very clearly the concerns raised in Congress and in some of the port authorities. We will look at that transaction in that light.”

Clay Lowery

You cannot take death for apostasy seriously and be working for peace.

Sam Harris

I think we've all worked with that person at the office who takes themselves and their job so seriously.

Angela Kinsey