Services Related Quotes

“Two income families, busier lifestyles and a greater desire for personal amenities are driving the demand for more services to make life less hectic and improve mental as well as physical health. Franchising companies are fulfilling that demand.”

Darrell Johnson

“Our tariff system would look to benchmark the cost of services, so that cost differences would be apparent between boards and so that it could be used in cross-border flows of patients. This will encourage boards to deliver services more efficiently, freeing up more funds for front-line healthcare.”

Andy Kerr

“There is already a lot of evidence of demand for mid-level hotel services in places like India and China. A Hampton Inn by Hilton might resonate with the Chinese consumer as quality without being particularly expensive.”

Smedes Rose

“This downward revision to the annual GDP growth rate mainly reflects lower growth in key areas of the services sector and in construction,”

David Kern

“The traffic growth in the world's mobile networks is expected to continue as a result of both new services and new subscribers. For 2006 we continue to believe that the global mobile systems market, measured in US dollars, will show moderate growth compared to 2005.”

Carl-henric Svanberg

“Strong demand continued for our products and services throughout 2005. As we enter 2006, we believe that we are well positioned to accelerate our performance by taking advantage of the many opportunities available to our company.”

Dave Brown

“Once you sign a customer to a managed services contract, your retention rate is very high.”

Stuart Chandler

“Five to 6 grams of trans fat is a huge amount just from one serving. Food services usually use the same oils for cooking fish, chicken and other foods as they do fries, so if they've got the high level in fries, they've got it in lots of foods.”

Walter Willett

“Ninety-nine percent of my customers rely on me to do most of the services for them. But there is no question: a guy working with wood has got a lot more work.”

Paul Nelson

“We're continuing to look at neighborhoods and areas that want urban services.”

City Manager Russ Blackburn