Services Related Quotes

“Their findings confirm our concerns. Oregon's emergency medical services system is fragmented, ineffective and lacks uniformity across the state. This report is a clear call to action and presents a roadmap for improvement.”

Grant Higginson

“We're working with the government to clarify whether our services will be affected by these actions.”

Camilo Pino

“We already distribute in Colorado County. But they wanted to give us money to expand our services in Colorado County and I guess really to supplement our existing services. The grant also includes the purchase of a new pickup and trailer.”

Cindy Zamora

“You will see more integration of AOL content and services within the browser toolbar. You may see, for instance, an Instant Messenger button within Navigator. But Microsoft will be doing the same thing, integrating its portal content into its browser. I don't see this deal greatly improving Navigator's market share.”

Chris Charron

“The business outlook for wholesale transport, IP services and consumer voice-over-IP remains opaque. But Level 3 now has more time.”

David Janazzo

“The long-term question is if they can get extra revenues out of these services. I'm not convinced.”

Colin Morton

“Send them out and help reach people in other communities so they can also get access to our services.”

Cheryl Johnson

“A SOBA is a client/server application done right. It is a business application that is centered on Web services standards.”

Charles Abrams

“Companies can bring their own assets in the form of Java code and Web services and stitch those into this product.”

David Bernstein

“We really tried to find where we had some duplication of services. It was one of our lesser-used facilities.”

Shannon Miller