Set Related Quotes

“Seniors have their own unique and varied set of needs when it comes to vehicles.”

Warren Clarke

“A strong set of results to close out 2005.”

David Veal

“I'm a professional athlete. I'm a hard worker. That's the thing that's set me apart from all this mess. The way I handle it is to focus in on football and do what I have to do.”

Donovan Mcnabb

“As soon as I set foot out the door he hit me with a combination. He's a boxer or something.”

Danilo Guerara Sandoval

“The first day he came in and sang on 'Set Me Free,' we were like, 'OK, this is the guy.' That's why we had to get him in the band and work through all the arrests and stuff.”

Dave Kushner

“You come out to set the tone, get ahead, work the count. I didn't even give myself a chance. I didn't throw a ball that was close.”

Dan Wheeler

“I don't want to set (off) a panic alarm. It just gives us more opportunities and possibilities to expand our childcare program.”

Walt Spencer

“To have something like that happen -- I don't know if we set some sort of a record for being beaten up on but it sure felt like it.”

Anthony Gonzalez

“We had set up an inbounds to get it to our point guard. We were supposed to set a pick, but our guy didn't pick, and the pass inbounds was deflected. We didn't come close to getting anybody open.”

Ken Haselden

“This alliance has significant strategic benefits for any organization pursuing competency-based performance management. The set of competencies that a company chooses to measure and reward is a strategic business tool. Competencies help align individual objectives to strategy – and employee performance management makes sure the strategy gets executed.”

Dan Boccabella