Set Related Quotes

“You are a coward when you even seem to have backed down from a thing you openly set out to do”

Mark Twain

“In the first set I went out and played my game. The second set I let her play my game. In the third set she lost some momentum because I got to do what I do best.”

Courtney Jones

“The opening kickoff set the tone. Oliver Hoyte goes down and makes the hit of the season. Maybe one of the biggest hits that's been at that stadium in a long, long time. We go in and score, and that really did set the tone.”

Chuck Amato

“I thought I played well but he was still good enough to take a set off me. He produced some good winners in the second set and the chances he took paid off.”

Carlos Moya

“In the first set I just didn't do anything wrong. I don't think I could have really played that set much better. I had some chances in the second set to break her in a few games and didn't get it.”

Samantha Stosur

“It was very British, basically we had a meeting at Rob's house in Birmingham to do the box set. The subject of getting back together came up and we realized that's what we wanted. We decided right then, we're back together.”

Glenn Tipton

“Every fund has a right to set up rules to protect shareholders. That's why we have the fair practices statement.”

Dave Lucca

“It happened during my quarterfinal match, about the middle of the second set, ... I was so into the match I didn't really feel it, but I must say it got worse and the pain was aggravating. I was lucky to win the second set and the tiebreaker, because if we'd gone to a third set I probably wouldn't have had enough to finish off the match.”

Nadia Petrova

“No, we were all set on coming here, and the ones that did are seeing what we're capable of.”

Pazsley Looney

“Great ability. They've got two big games coming up, and [Fulmer] will set the tone for their season.”

Watson Brown