Settled Related Quotes

“We were $500 apart and we split the difference and settled.”

James Burchetta

“As the series has gone on, the guys have settled down. We've been the underdogs the whole time. They are the No. 1 seed with more than 100 points. We're having fun.”

Dan Jancevski

“We finally honed in and settled down [in the second half]. They did a lot of shifting to try to get us out of what we normally do. But we were able to settle down, figure out what they were doing, and play Dolphins football.”

Sam Madison

“settled one way or another rather soon.”

Ari Fleischer

“We didn't execute very well, and they played their zone well, but we settled for outside shots instead of continuing to try to get the ball inside, and we just didn't do a good job in the third quarter of getting the ball where we needed it. I credit them for some of that, and some of it is we weren't patient. Their zone was good, but our patience was not good.”

Robert Griffin

“Once people settled down, we were able to string more passes together. In the second half, they just got tired and we were able to go after them.”

Clint Dempsey

“It was an unfortunate situation. And after the dust settled, she did a very good job of building bridges back to the clients.”

David Poltrack

“I would have settled for a point coming here, but to lose such a late goal was disappointing.”

Sandy Stewart

“This is kind of a weird thing, but maybe that's one of the reasons why we've settled down and played some solid ball because guys aren't pressing. I think that guys took a look back at what's really important and when you lose someone like Kirby, if you don't step back and look at what's really important in life, then you've got something wrong with you. That can help you ease up and relax.”

Steve Liddle

“(Mora) didn't throw the breaking ball early (for a strike). Once he settled down and started throwing the curve on the first pitch, they couldn't get up there and hack at the first-pitch fastball. That changed the game.”

Fred Ledesma