Seven Related Quotes

?Our campaign aiming to boycott the polls has been successful and taking into consideration appeals made by the seven political parties, various organizations and people, we have withdrawn our strike.?

Baburam Bhattarai

“Confirmed and probable cases have been reported in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Wisconsin. Seven other states are investigating suspected mumps cases.”

Christopher Cox

“After the first period and a half, we should have had seven goals. We played very fundamentally sound hockey.”

Dave Esse

“Of course, I was there eight years. Seven of the eight years, we had a team. A team. You know what I mean by team? A team. I think when you go through so many players and changes, that tends to drift away a little bit.”

Don Zimmer

“And I went off to Ghana for what was intended to be seven days. I spent what was well over a year in Africa, teaching and travelling.”

Stephen Lewis

“Mortgage rates this week are at seven-month lows and teetering on the 45-year low levels of last summer,”

Frank Nothaft

“We looked at seven or eight different job descriptions and this is a summation of those. This is intended to give us a starting point on what might be the attributes and the duties and responsibilities of the chief.”

David Hamm

“Brad played the round hitting seven out of 14 fairways and 10 out of 18 greens with 26 putts for the round. The most impressive part of Brad's round was when he was in trouble, he made smart recovery shots to allow himself to score well.”

Jack Foster

“Jordan Wilson pitched the first four-plus innings. He struck out four, but he walked seven and six of those were hit batters. Four of those scored.”

Scott Green

“Seven birdies, no bogeys, that's quite unusual. My rounds usually have a few bogeys in them. The ball started going the right way for a change and that's good.”

Gavin Coles