Several Related Quotes

“Despite several employee evacuations from the Gulf of Mexico last year due to the storms, as well as the massive effort that followed to restore operations, our company turned in its safest work year ever in 2005.”

Dave O'reilly

“The events of the last several weeks have been remarkable in terms of what Kenyans have been able to do terms of holding the government accountable. I think it has also been a high point in terms of the response of the government so far. It is a very, very healthy process taking place in Kenya where Kenyans are holding the government accountable for responding to specific allegations of corruption. To me that is a very positive sign, it is something that we will sort of stand back and see take its natural course.”

Colin Bruce

“This is going to be a long trial. It's going to last several months. One thing I'm confident of is at the end of the day, after the jury's heard all of the evidence, they will find and see that George Ryan is not guilty of all charges in this indictment.”

Dan Webb

“We've had several calls and inquiries this morning. The phones down there are ringing off the hook.”

Cass Cliatt

“He's pitched well. I'm impressed with several of their young players ... him in particular.”

Phil Garner

“The economic data over the next several weeks are going to be difficult to interpret, and it'll be interesting to see how the market reacts,”

Michael Sheldon

“For the next several decades we see a significant number of people that are looking for a better way of life and that ultimately is going to drive the resource business...(but) there will be ups and downs.”

Chip Goodyear

“We adjusted and adapted well. We knew that Alpha had brought in several players. We studied them and won the game at midfield. We added an extra midfield and I think that did it for us.”

Ellis Noel

“Starbucks has learned several lessons in China. One is that it really doesn't need to go after the masses. All it needs is the upper 10 percent of India's booming middle class to support a base of 100 stores and then go from there.”

Matthew Difrisco

“After letting these families fight for several years to seek justice and after they succeeded in obtaining judgments from the courts, the administration has blocked them at every turn.”

Connie Mack