Shape Related Quotes

“We didn't miss any pitches. We have a great lineup. We're in great shape and everybody's doing what they're supposed to do.”

Pudge Rodriguez

“The ocean and I have many pebblesTo find and wash off and roll into shape.”

William Stafford

“The baseball is going to dictate it. You can't predict not doing well because not everybody's in good shape, so you never know what could happen. We have a good team.”

Chairon Isenia

“We show that songbirds adjust the size and shape of their vocal tract to 'fit' the changing frequency of their song. This enables the bird to produce a more whistle-like, pure-tone song.”

Roderick Suthers

“You could just see it in their face. When we see they're tired - we're in great shape, so we aren't going to get tired. That's when we go in for the kill.”

Al Horford

“Last week was good for my confidence. I'm in really, really good shape and I'm healthy. And when I'm healthy, I improve a lot.”

Dan Mcmanamon

Faith is not a thing which one 'loses', we merely cease to shape our lives by it.

Georges Bernanos

“Apart from not taking advantage of the good crossing positions we got into, we also need a better shape,”

Gordon Strachan

“The mood is soft, and it's feminine, ... It's an elongated shape, but it's not ethereal. It's edgier than that.”

Mark Badgley

“Today's black needs a shape, like a tulip skirt or a trench, not just drab black. It has glamour to it.”

Candy Pratts Price