Shoot Related Quotes

“We forced ourselves to make more plays. We'd shoot ourselves in the foot, but I'm pleased with the way we made extra plays down the stretch.”

Dave Bike

“I knew I needed to step up, not just shoot everything, but be everything on the court and always be a factor.”

David Jackson

“He didn't shoot a gun. He didn't even have a gun.”

Mel Sachs

“Von is a special kind of athlete who has a great feel for scoring points. He can pass, shoot and dribble and do them all well. He is also able to utilize his size to his advantage, which makes him even more dangerous.”

Leonard Hamilton

“I was pumped up; I knew we had to shoot the ball better, so that's what I wanted to get done for us. It's hard to go in and start shooting when you're cold, but after a few touches, I'm ready.”

Aaron Snyder

“I know he can shoot the puck really well, he proved that tonight with the goal. He played a real responsible game outside of that.”

Craig Mactavish

“They shoot it well, pass well and defend well. They have not lost a close game.”

Darin Lee

“Novak was more of a catch-and-shoot player when we played them in the tournament. Now he can put the ball on the floor. He can run the floor. He's agile, a quicker player. He's just a much better player.”

Jamie Dixon

“I like to watch (Dylan) shoot the 3. It doesn't matter if somebody's in his face or if he's wide open. He makes the shot anyway.”

Sam Mckinley

“Now what he's got to do is put himself in a position to shoot more. He's always looking to pass. You have to be a threat out there to shoot and pass, it makes it that much harder to defend against.”

Ron Wilson