Shooting Related Quotes

“Stonington was shooting very well. Corey had a solid 1-2 punch with Kevin. They shot the ball pretty well. We were lucky to survive the game.”

Craig Parker

“Not indicting Rove is hugely helpful — to Rove and the White House. Shooting match over: They tried to kill Rove and failed.”

Grover Norquist

“When you get to the playoffs, you can't afford to turn the ball over. Free throw shooting is always important too. That's an area that we need to work on.”

Herman Walton

“Being a good free throw-shooting team has always been a point of emphasis for this program. We work on free throws in game situations as well. It is a big staple of this program.”

Daniel Horton

“Shooting those 100 free throws every day definitely helped us. I just try to keep moving before I take my shot.”

Christian Goetz

“He raised his game to another level as far as his shooting was concerned. We didn't defend him as well as we hoped to, because we talk about shooting percentage and his shooting percentage was pretty good. But again, it was a big game and he responded.”

Al Skinner

“Unfortunately, we got back into the rut of turning the ball over and not shooting the ball well. It was pretty much unbelievable.”

Dan Dersam

“I'm not going to lie, I was shooting the ball the whole way until I saw Ryan open at the last second. I started pulling up for a shot and I saw that I had three guys on me. The law of numbers says that if three defenders are on me, someone must be open and I need to pass it to them.”

Drew Kambic

“As good as we were (Thursday) night percentage-wise, tonight our foul shooting nearly brought us down. Our guards turned things up in the fourth, and once we hit a couple 3-pointers, we finally started playing Bethel basketball.”

Craig Brehon

“It's always been a goal of mine, no matter what my situation has been throughout the season. I'm shooting for it,”

Vernon Wells