Shooting Related Quotes

“They had been shooting high all game. I saw it, but I didn't have my stick down on the ice. It went in the five-hole; it was a good shot.”

Chris Masiulis

“We're shooting for 1,500 if possible. The gym holds 2,200. We'd love to sell it out. We've had a little bit more media coverage and marketing this year, so hopefully we'll have a larger turnout.”

Dan Fuller

“How much would you want to stand at the wrong end of a shooting gallery?”

Groucho Marx

“We were shooting well both inside and outside.”

Charlotte Jones

“It was just a matter of time with a team like [BG] to hold them to 18-percent shooting in the first half.”

Carol Owens

“In the wake of the Stockwell shooting, it would have been completely negligent of us not to review it to make sure of its legality and to make sure that the actual tactical operation of it is reasonable.”

Chris Fox

“In the meantime, we have important competitions to run so there is no point shooting ourselves in the foot.”

Chris Moller

“We needed all those foul shots for sure. We obviously came up with some clutch foul shooting down the stretch. Not only that, we overcame a big East Aurora crowd and we adjusted well to what the officials were calling.”

Cal Saunders

“There are other shooting matches open to the public.”

Alan Deal

“I don't know if he's shooting as well as he did last year, but he's due to have one of those games. We can't lose him because he's going to put a lot of pressure on us.”

Frank Haith