Shot Related Quotes

“We played it perfectly. We were draped all over him. But he still hits the shot.”

Vern Reed

“There might not be as many outstanding shooters who would get a quick shot, so teams have to work the ball around a little more. Ours is really on a need basis. We have one double-figure scorer [Derek Adams]. We're trying to run offense. We've actually held the ball more in past years trying to spread people out when we were ahead.”

Corky Card

“Costs have shot higher in the trucks unit in a manner which they must explain.”

Carl Holmquist

“Our attackers really stepped up and shot the ball well.”

Suzanne Isidor

“I couldn't see the shot, but I knew he was going high-glove. I saw his face move, I saw his head move and I knew the shot was coming. I knew where he was going with it and I knew I was beaten right away.”

Manny Fernandez

“We put it all together, ... We still have three more to go. There's definitely still a shot. Obviously, we need a little help.”

Chase Utley

“One should not sell the hide, before one has shot the bear.”

Dutch Proverb

“Anyone who lip-synchs in public on stage when you pay 75 pounds to see them should be shot.”

Elton John

“I played here last year in the cold and wind, and it was a nightmare. I think I shot 80 the first round. It's nice to come out to the desert and get some warm air and no wind.”

James Driscoll

“It was certainly another strong match for D.J.. Sage finished with a birdie to shoot a 79. He shot a 37 on the backside. It's starting to come together for the team.”

Skip Fabritius