Shot Related Quotes

“No, not initially it wasn't the shot we wanted. But we wanted to get into a situation going to the basket and when it came down to the last five seconds, that's where we wanted it.”

Quincy Lewis

“We are aware of reports that the aircraft may have been shot down, but we are not in a position to come to any conclusions until the investigation is complete,”

Geoff Hoon

“It's a ridiculous statement to make. It's just a cheap shot, and it's very unfortunate.”

Keysar Trad

“I knew it was going to be tough down in the post. They have the top shot blocker in the nation, and we had to respect that.”

Yemi Nicholson

“We shot lights out tonight. We started to get some stops in the second half. We were just torrid from the outside, especially in the second half.”

Steve Harrington

“[Tyson didn't either. It was not the result of some exchange but simply a straight shot at an unprotected chin. It happened so quickly that Tyson was surprised to see Botha go down.] I thought he must have quit, ... I didn't even know I'd thrown it.”

Mike Tyson

“He made a great move to beat his man, and a very hard shot that left the Tecumseh keeper in shock.”

Chad Scaling

“Ben Warner is a great individual and a great wrestler. He is the one guy that really had a shot at beating Derek this year. This match was proof of Derek's ability. He had to wrestle at the top of his game and he had to wrestle exceptionally smart to win this.”

Steve Fiser

“He's a professional. He's not going to shy away from a jump shot.”

Gregg Popovich

“It's something we did have a shot at this year. But you can't be disappointed when all seven guys played their hearts out, which they did.”

Rick Dukeshier