Shot Related Quotes

“He shot extremely well and was a phenomenal leader. He was the catalyst for us.”

Dale Brown

“We would absolutely love to take a shot at that and we'd be open to it. But one, we'd have to have a kid in the system that showed the aptitude to do it. And not many do, or not many self-evaluate good enough to know that that's what they should try.”

Dan O'dowd

“It's such a great adrenaline rush when you hit a shot like that. It just gets you more pumped and focused on the game and coming out with a win.”

Shea Kenny

“They shot the ball well early. What comes out of the microwave hot doesn't always stay hot. I know, because I eat bagels in the morning.”

Shaquille O'neal

?Fort Scott is so quick that when you go inside, you have to put the shot up quick. They want you to make a bounce pass inside because they are shorter than us and they can get to the ball. The match-up wasn't easy for us tonight but it wasn't easy for them either because we're taller.?

Becky Carlson

“We've been told in no uncertain terms those bills are going to get shot down.”

Greg Meffert

“Brian made a nice pass back to Corey and he made a nice left-footed shot to the near post.”

Matt Hill

“I shot once, they didn't even acknowledge that I shot, they kept messing with the rabbits.”

Laren Quade

“They're a tough team to get offense against. You look at the shot chart, and a lot of the shots come from the perimeter. They don't give an awful lot of Grade-A chances up. When they do, Elliott answers the bell.”

Jamie Russell

“Whenever we are pushing the ball, one of our first options is to take the shot inside if we can. Then we will look outside and keep looking to attack back inside.”

Cleve Ryan