Shot Related Quotes

“My calves were cramping up, both of them. So I couldn't really elevate on my shot like I usually do.”

Cedric Simmons

“The thugs shot off the alarm system before proceeding to the bedroom window where they shot Root and escaped in the darkness.”

Simon Kiragu

“She's going to find her shot. She's a shooter. She'll always find a way to score.”

Suzy Hebrink

“God forbid they will be in a close game and need a last-second shot.”

Cheryl Miller

“You told dispatch you shot a person who came into your house after you said not to, ... Is that why you shot her?”

Andrew Benson

“We could have played harder. But even if we'd played our best game, it still would've been a long shot.”

Chris Bown

“We lost, so it doesn't mean much how I guarded (Bryant). He hit that last shot, I was like, 'That's Kobe.' He is wide open; he is going to hit it.”

Ron Artest

“They shot it well, which kept them in the game.”

Doug Kelly

“I wish I could say, 'Heck yeah, we have a real shot at this.' I wish it was different, but the Supreme Court can't hear every case.”

Richard Browne

“We were working it around the net. Kyle took a shot on net and it was just laying in the crease and I stuffed it in. It was just a garbage goal.”

Sean Babin