Shots Related Quotes

“Some of the shots [Allen] made were incredible. When he's got it rolling like that, he's the quickest shooter in the league. He was just draining it.”

Rick Adelman

“I went for some stupid shots and was not patient enough. If you don't take your chances and she starts to feel she's getting on top, it's so hard to stop her. I didn't play the right shots the right way.”

Daniela Hantuchova

“I think she wants the ball now. She's making good shots and good passes.”

April Prutsman

“They got the first goal and we needed to relax a little bit. Instead, we missed some shots, their keeper made a couple of good saves and you could see the frustration.”

Chip Berry

“Maybe they were easy shots, and we weren't guarding him. I know he had one wide-open shot in front of our bench, so that's not baffling. If it's a H-O-R-S-E shot, he ought to be able to make it. He's a scholarship player.”

Greg Kampe

“Everyone in the gym knew he was going to take those shots. A lot of guys say they want to take the big shot. Rashad always wanted to take the big shot. He still does.”

Drew Taylor

“Ali stepped up and had a nice game. She made a couple of tough shots inside and was able to get to the free-throw line a few times. Miranda also stepped up her level of play.”

Curt Fredrickson

“Kenny does all the little things. I can't remember him taking a lot of bad shots. He does all the stuff that role players do.”

Mike Bibby

“When Billy gets hot, he can do some damage. He never hits those high, long ones. He hits laser shots.”

Ned Yost

“We were missing shots -- simple. We didn't run any plays all game.”

Antyrio Raimer