Shots Related Quotes

“I guess I played pretty aggressive, ... I made a few putts and hit good shots. It was reasonably stress-free.”

David Mckenzie

“They're just so good. They're going to take charges and they're not going to take bad shots. So when you're down 15 to them, it feels like 30.”

Steve Engebretsen

“It's nerve-racking. He hits, and he misses, but he'll always take his shots no matter. But he hits a lot of them, so it's OK.”

Caleb Koke

“I was just feeling it. I stepped up and hit some big shots.”

Eric Korpieski

“They made their first three or four shots, and you look up and it's 13-0. We had some good shots, but we just couldn't get anything to fall. Briana Buchanan was outstanding for us, and once she hit a couple there, I knew we'd be OK.”

Lane Lord

“[The constant, of course, is Bryant, who disheartens defenses because he makes so many shots under duress.] Kobe is the best tough-shot-maker in the game, ... It is very discouraging for a defense to have done something perfectly, then have him come along and make the shot anyway.”

Flip Saunders

“We just missed some shots. We had a couple of good looks, and we missed them.”

Danny Smith

“To open up Chantel in the post, we had to hit some long shots, and for the most part that didn't happen. That's one reason we got beat, and the other reason is Dudley. We held her in scoring the previous three times we played Gibson County, but tonight she got us.”

Eric Volbert

“We rushed shots when we didn't need to. We had a five-point lead late and probably didn't need to score again to win. We end up turning the ball over and forcing our offense and Maynard goes on a run to win the game. We have to take care of the basketball and play smart in that situation.”

Matt Rabjohn

“They did not injure anybody. Later, shots were fired by unidentified individuals in the same area. I can assure you no individuals were wounded by U.N. peacekeepers.”

David Wimhurst