Shots Related Quotes

“Chris has a very aggressive running style, ... He has a tendency to deliver shots, but as he got older, he also knew when to go out of bounds and fold his tent.”

Wade Cook

“They did not injure anybody. Later, shots were fired by unidentified individuals in the same area. I can assure you no individuals were wounded by U.N. peacekeepers.”

David Wimhurst

“We guarded them a little harder in the second half. They made some bad passes and took some tough shots and that's where we were able to get some separation.”

Jake Krause

“I'd like to see if he can get up 20 shots. You can't just walk through that and get that many shots up, quality shots. To get 20 quality shots, it takes work.”

Dwane Casey

“We got a lot better looks, penetrated and got shots in the paint.”

Wil Smudde

“The shots we took, as horrible as they were, that set it up for them to push it up faster instead of trying to make them work, get some fouls and get to the line or make some shots - and then they can't push it as fast. I think they forced us into some shots and that's their type of game...Early, that's what we did. We just played into their hands.”

Alando Tucker

“We just couldn't put the ball in the hole in that quarter. We'd have four or five shots on one possession and still couldn't score.”

Sara Schopper

“All of a sudden little things happened and just started building up. We had turnovers, some missed shots, and we just got out of it.”

Amy Voelkel

“This was a fast tempo game and we couldn't find a defense to stop their (continual) scoring. The shots we did get to fall, we had to earn.”

Chanda Rigby

“We know he's going to alter a lot of shots.”

Randy Foye