Showcase Related Quotes

“Giuliano is a fantastic violinist, and we looked for a program that would showcase him and his skills. He loves to stand up and perform to an audience, and it is hard to suppress him sometimes. He would be happy to play concertos all night, but I'm not sure that audiences could handle that.”

Christopher Lawrence

“It's a real showcase of how older historical homes can be transformed into 21st century livable homes. It shows that you don't have to tear down what we value from the past.”

Greg Stemm

“It started out as just a little showcase of Athens music. That case multiplied and multiplied until we couldn't keep up with it and became so overflowing we had to get an entire building for it.”

Dan Wall

“We're really excited about this. It's a great chance to showcase our league here in this city.”

Dave Andrews

“In doing that, we could showcase our preservation projects, while at the same time create an anchor in a blighted neighborhood and ... give ourselves some space to work in.”

Chip Desmone

“It's such a showcase facility that other government agencies are looking to come into our environment.”

Craig Newell

?It's an exciting new frontier as a market and as a medium to showcase these films.?

Ben Murray

“It is nice to have something like this to showcase facilities. There are some really good teams in the tournament.”

Chris Feris

“The Small Business of the Year breakfast is a great way to kick off the Business Showcase.”

Dan Eiken

“It's also always been a showcase not only for stars but for unknowns, too, ... and actors who have been given the opportunity have always lived up to the challenge.”

Rick Najera