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“One of the Swiss players swore at me and showed me the finger, and when he says he didn't do it, everyone believes him.”

Fatih Terim

“I showed him what I had been working on. I showed him the list that I always keep.”

Mick Cronin

“He's a good player and an excellent shooter. He didn't get many open looks in the first half, but showed what he can do in the second half.”

Gerry Mcnamara

“I don't know if we actually showed up, to tell you the truth. All they did was guard our point guard, and some of our kids didn't respond. But I'm proud of them. We've come a long way from last season. They only won three games last season.”

Dave Farrell

“He (Parker) showed what kind of player he is in the fourth quarter when he took over the game. He pounded us on the glass and finished inside.”

Phil Engebretsen

“She is so mature. She's like a senior walking around the halls. The way she played tonight showed how mature she is. She has ice in her veins.”

Monica Wright

“In the early stages, it showed affection for the president. But now what you want is somebody with maturity and confidence who doesn't need that kind of assurance.”

Wayne Fields

“Sean Kelley pounded the ball on them. He's a beast. And he showed his beastliness tonight.”

Anthony Williams

“Recent hurricanes like Katrina showed it doesn't make sense to develop to that extent on barrier islands.”

Eric Goldberg

“We know they are a good shooting team and in the third quarter they showed it. At the same time we couldn't make a shot.”

Dave Hintzmann