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“It shows how much Congress is in the pocket of the oil industry.”

Chris Cooper

“I like those acoustic, intimate shows - as well as ear-bleeding rock.”

Sheri Giordano

“Whatever shows up this year, we will have to deal with. We are not prepared to turn back anybody this year. We are hoping next year we will have a plan in place to deal realistically with the future.”

Daryl Miller

“The research shows that our teenagers are full of ambition and really keen to have a career that offers good prospects,”

Chris Humphries

“The model that we have is really designed around first-run shows that have commercial breaks and bringing those online with this explicit relationship.”

Paul Grusche

“We haven't seen anything from the state level that shows it's going to slow that down.”

Scott Bacon

“We feel that we can see a modern lifestyle in those shows. American dramas also show the same kind of lifestyle. We know that South Korea and America have similar political systems and economies. But it's easier to accept that lifestyle from South Koreans because they are culturally closer to us. We feel we can live like them in a few years.”

Qu Yuan

“Russia has shown it's not above the temptation of using some bargaining power or blackmail. It shows that if there is a way to get some political-economic advantages from a temporary weakness of your partner, the Russians will use it.”

Daniel Gros

“They are all very talented. It just shows that our program is getting stronger.”

Scott Fahey

“On paper it's the best summer we've ever had. We're announcing 52 shows this week. I think we're going to have 10 or 15 more. Our first year (1998) we did 44 shows the whole year. This year we'll do in the vicinity of 250.”

Chuck Morris