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“This, ... shows the fire of this team.”

Chase Utley

“It's a good venue. I wish they had more shows each month.”

Ryan Turner

“He shows signs for you, but I guess he's not in sync. He just has to find his stroke, so to speak. When he puts a good swing on the ball he's going to hit it a long way. He's a big guy.”

Ed Blankmeyer

“That shows that when we've lost, we've lost by quite a few. It's good, though, because there are always a lot of one-goal games in the playoffs.”

Aaron Gagnon

“That shows how tough our district was. Just because Jacob was fourth doesn't mean he's the 12th or 16th best guy in the state. He's more like one of the top six in the state.”

Shawn Finch

“This clearly shows that contrary to Iran's claim that it is transparent and cooperating with the IAEA, it hasn't stopped being deceitful, hasn't stopped lying and hiding its program,”

Alireza Jafarzadeh

“The vote shows the depth of the two countries' brotherly and friendly ties,”

Hugo Chavez

“The overall PMI shows we are still in rate cut territory. But the PMI has been below this (current) level and the ECB has not cut rates, so this survey on its own will add little to the chance of a rate cut.”

Chris Williamson

“The atlas shows that massive changes are happening in African lakes.”

Nick Nuttall

“Shows you how talented he is. Last year he won 15 games ... re-establishing himself,”

Dave Duncan