Shutting Related Quotes

“We had talked about matching up with him. We did a good job of shutting him down in the third quarter. In the last few minutes, he started getting loose and getting baskets. But that's what great players do.”

Ken Napier

“They stunt and blitz a lot, so it's a matter of shutting down some of those stunts up front. I think if we can stop some of the stunts there should be some holes to run in.”

Dan Kreider

“We're not in the business of shutting people off. The people we're most concerned about are not those that can't pay, it's those that can afford to but don't,”

Dan Mccarthy

“That (shutting Granville out in the first) brought our bats alive. We had a similar situation (in the season opener) against Hamilton Township with virtually the same group on the field. We got them out early and got right to work.”

Rick Pease

“We're shutting people down. We just can't put the ball in the end zone.”

Dan Newbill

“He sounds surprisingly good, strong, like he had gotten some of his fight back. I think just shutting the engine down for a couple of days has helped him immensely.”

Frank Keel

“But we did get the general sense that they were either shutting down, facing a major downsizing in operations, or being consolidated.”

Dennis Andrulis

“Our defense did a great job of shutting them down but our offense really helped our defense tonight because they (Gladstone) didn't have the ball,”

Dan Flynn

“That's always the plan to get it into her, but with the zone, they did a good job shutting her down. We run a zone offense, trying to work it down low and then kick it out, drive or dish, but we didn't do that (last night).”

Liz Leonard

“With the serious energy problems we will face this winter, what DOE is proposing is like shutting down the FEMA regional offices before the next hurricane. These are the extension agents of energy efficiency, and we should be adding to rather than cutting their ranks.”

Dan Reicher