Side Related Quotes

“Creed would not be caught dead on this show. You've got to start showing, at this point, another side. You can't keep doing this week after week after week.”

Simon Cowell

“I've been searching for a way that we might have President Clinton's side of the matter in a professional way, and I'm continuing to explore that. The committee is not disposed to inviting him because of the sensitivity of inviting a former president and the potential for a circus-like atmosphere,”

Arlen Specter

“I'm still shaking from the elation of winning today. We've been so close and been on that other side, watching the other team get the trophy. I think it's a huge step for our program, university and team. We all have worked so hard, from top to bottom, everybody has played such an important roll in our success.”

Cyndy Kenyon

“One of the unfortunate, maybe inevitable, side effects of that is that we're probably going to see a rise in violence as NATO spreads into this area in an even more dense fashion.”

Richard Boucher

“My grandparents on my mother's side owned a farm, and I grew up on the farm. If it wasn't for an opportunity to get an athletic scholarship ... to pay for my education, to this very day, I would be a farmer up in Pennsylvania with my cousins.”

Chuck Amato

“Tonight we played a much weaker opponent, but we played very well on our side of the net. If we played like [we did Thursday on Wednesday], we would have been much better against Long Beach.”

Max Klineman

“Love is suffering. One side always loves more ...”

Catherine Deneuve

“It kind of reminds you of something we've seen on the other side of the ball. Back when we were building this franchise.”

Derrick Brooks

“Obviously, there are still comments to be received from the Israeli side, ... And we look forward to analyzing those, and the two sides need to talk to each other. But I believe that there is sufficient good will, sufficient commitment, that we can get started.”

Colin Powell

“We've been in many battles together (always on the same side). Over the last few years, we'd become closer than we ever realized ... We were outlaws together.”

Merle Haggard