Side Related Quotes

“GM clearly benefited from the industry volumes being on the high side. We expect things to be on a brisk pace, but think Ford may be better positioned for the long term.”

Nick Lobaccaro

“The walls are literally windows on one side. The deck is a feature everyone appreciates. Even if you never use it, you have the feeling of more space and more options.”

Marilyn Andersen

“I was always very impressed with the way he played the game. It's good to have him on our side now.”

Mark Samson

“When a meeting has finished, he sometimes takes a participant to the side and talks to him in Arabic to insist on a certain point.”

Mark Gwozdecky

“The money's coming from both side of the business. You have commercial aerospace with explosive growth. The commercial aircraft orders have been exceptionally strong over the course of the summer and also on the defense side of the business where government budgets have been picking up in the last couple of years and are not expected to continue to pick up through the next administration.”

Chris Mecray

“We went into a period there where we could not hit the broad side of a barn. We knew we had to shoot the ball well, since they are so much bigger than us, we knew we would not rebound.”

Paul Thompson

?I don't think we did a good job executing. I think we stayed on the strong side a little too much and allowed them to focus in on what we were doing.?

Ben Wallace

“Jesus was a Jew, yes, but only on his mother's side”

Stanley Ralph Ross

“Tomorrow is a toss up. The International side is a very strong 12 players. They're extremely tough and playing extremely good golf. The American team is playing some exceptional golf as well.”

Phil Mickelson

“Chance fights ever on the side of the prudent.”