Sides Related Quotes

“Britain should have made its participation in any war dependent on a fully worked-out plan, agreed by both sides, for the rehabilitation of Iraq after Saddam's demise,”

Christopher Meyer

“I think we (will) have a big run on both sides for a long time. Considering the fact that ultimately the majority of our base should move to 3D, and we are only 10 percent there, that is a huge opportunity.”

Carol Bartz

“This is a very equitable deal for both sides. I was not surprised at the price. I had been valuing Reynolds around that level for some time.”

Clarence Morrison

“I have the same views as my guy, even though we were raised on different sides of the world. I'm sure I have more in common with him than I do someone from New York. I don't think we have biased opinions yet. You get those when you get older. We're still just kids.”

Daniel Harrington

“The line of scrimmage, we lost it (against Oakland) on both sides.”

Mike Mularkey

“Sheffield United have 42 professionals. They run two reserve sides because they can't get everyone in one. They can spend £500,000 on a back-up striker while we haven't got five pence.”

Colin Lee

“The two sides exchanged in-depth views ... and agreed to hold a next round of consultation as soon as possible.”

Xinhua News Agency

“I'm glad two sides of the cherry have been put forward.”

Geoff Boycott

“I think it's quite clear that both sides come into this process with diametrically opposed positions from the outset. It's going to be a very hard process to bring them together.”

Kai Eide

“Both sides of the gym are served now.”

Matt Graves