Sides Related Quotes

“It's not a clear-cut case. It's difficult for both sides. But ultimately it's going to be embarrassing for the newspaper unless they were publishing on strong grounds.”

Mark Stephens

“I hope both sides will further use each other's strengths to expand exchanges and cooperation in the fields of petrochemicals and renewable energy,”

Zeng Peiyan

“(Agreeing to terms) is the desirable outcome for both sides.”

Dan O'brien

Travel, which was once either a necessity or an adventure, has become very largely a commodity, and from all sides we are persuaded into thinking that it is a social requirement, too.

Jan Morris

“I think both sides won, and both sides lost,”

Alan Yamamoto

“This is win-win and good arrangement for both sides.”

Rob Portman

“There are two sides to every question.”


“We played a very strong game on both sides of the ball and it made a huge difference. They?re a very deliberate, fundamentally strong team and we were able to get them out of that. We played very strong inside, we got big shots in the beginning and they were never really able to settle in.”

Dave Bosso

“It's reflective of the sense of urgency both sides felt. The U.A.W. saw the handwriting on the wall. They feared a nuclear option, like killing health care benefits for retirees.”

David Cole

“We controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, but almost gave it away in the second half.”

Dave Currid