Sign Related Quotes

“That is certainly a bearish sign, not for the (stock) market, but for the expected profits of the exchange going forward,”

Lawrence White

“You can save up to $200 in early sign-up.”

Matt Delier

“Even when you're not shooting the ball well, it's a sign of a good team ... that we found a way to win.”

Kyle Brooks

“The parking lot on the north side of Second St. will have the same design as the one being constructed on the south side of the street.”

Jan Mcelwrath

“I didn't see him do that, but I heard about it, ... It's a sign of disrespect. I don't know what he was thinking, but what he did wasn't right.”

Dave Harris

“''And I just don't see any sign that the younger audience is thirsting for R&B groups. They don't want it and they're not looking for it. And if they're not looking for it, it ain't gonna happen.”

David Nathan

“For their own reasons, which I don't know, they chose not to sign a contract.”

David Passey

“When Domino's Pizza approached M5 Industries and asked us to design and build the Steak Fanatic Pizza Couch, I knew it was something we wanted to be part of.”

Jamie Hyneman

“It's very difficult to get large institutions to sign on to such a plan, but we've had very positive responses.”

Chaim Kutnicki

“[Towers said the Padres could re-sign Jackson.] He was going to be a free agent anyway, ... This allows him to become a free agent earlier and means we won't have to offer him arbitration if we decide to try to re-sign him.”

Kevin Towers